Strengthening biosecurity rules is the priority of Premium Porc Group

Biosecurity at Premium Porc Group

For us, biosecurity is the guarantee that, by strictly following the group-level measures, we offer animal safety and welfare, protect farms and support the good functioning of our operations.

When it comes to biosecurity, we take into account five different areas: Internal (within our farms), External perimeters (the yard and nearby areas), Vehicles - protocols for entering our farms, Animal transfer operations and Employee training.

Being so diverse and complex, we pay close attention to all biosecurity standards, which is why we are constantly investing in practical solutions to protect against risk factors. The employees are the main  support for us in this process, that is why we constantly organize trainings for them, as well as periodical audits.  In the same time, we are aware of the importance of purchasing the latest technology -  and we invest in innovations that ensure the security needed for our business and our production.

We believe Biosecurity goes hand in hand with animal welfare

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Biosecurity Measures

  • Inside the farm
  • Outside the farm
  • Vehicles
  • Animal transfer
  • Employee training
The strength of Premium Porc Group's farms is in the strict biosecurity rules and permanent investment in their improvement