Crop production

From the quality of cereals to animal health

Quality of crops

Everything starts with the composition of the feed.  This is why we wanted, soon after the establishment of our first farm, to control at least part of the production of the cereals that will be part of our animals’ feed. In this way, we can manage each step in the flow and we can design it specifically to streamline the entire system, from grain to pig.

Currently, we operate about 1,800 hectares of arable land, in Vrancea county, producing high consistency cereals. This covers a part of the raw material needed for animal feed, the remaining being purchased from local and national suppliers, after thorough laboratory testing.

We use crop rotation, as a healthy practice for the conservation of the soil. The crops that are not designated to produce our livestock feed are sold to our partners. We focus on producing nutrient-rich cereals, in a sustainable manner for the environment.

We have a full equipment fleet, within a varied and modern technological park.

Agro Division

Our crop production is managed by a specialized Agro division within the company, operational since 2007. In 2019, we have completed the construction of a dedicated modern location, with all necessary technology in place.

With over 2200 m2, the new “AgroSite” includes a repair shop, a garage with a parking area, an ample storage space for spare parts, equipment, and also for seeds and other materials. The site also includes a dedicated car wash for trucks and machinery.

Selling cereals?

Our own cereal production covers only part of the feed for 600,000 pig heads

So to complement our cereal needs, our company acquires over 100,000 tons of raw materials,
mainly from local suppliers in adjacent areas of ours Feed Factories.