Animal welfare

With consideration towards the animals we are taking care of.

Our commitment

Compliance with the highest animal welfare standards is our leading commitment to the pig production industry. It is the respect we give to animals, the principle that lays at the basis of our strongest beliefs.

By applying the laws and regulations of the European Union, we ensure, through our daily activities, the best conditions for our animals. To support this, standard operating procedures were developed for each production department. These are followed daily in the farms, to reach our standards.


The methodology created and respected on our farms tailors procedures according to specific age groups, addressing the needs of each animal. Mainly, we prioritize two of the most important directions:

Nutrition - we ensure that animals receive quality food

Animal feed recipes are carefully adjusted by own and international nutritionists, to address the specific nutrition needs of each age and weight category.

A balanced feed recipe assures that the animals’ nutritional requirements are cared for properly and that their immune system is strengthened, by providing all the necessary vitamins and minerals in the quantities they need.  This provides them with a healthy development and very good natural resistance to disease.


Health - according to biosecurity rules

By increasing biosecurity measures in terms of the human factor (using pre-filters and filters, automated  disinfection systems) and in terms of external contact (extra laundering, insect nets, fences) we guarantee the protection and safety of our animals.

Our colleagues are trained constantly, at all levels, in order to be sure we provide professional care to the animals. From biosecurity, to a proper farm environment, to the quality food, water as well as assistance, our animals benefit of production condition that promote health and welfare.

Due to the vast experience of our farm managers and employees, together with Danish principles and expertise in the management of production, the animals are handled and cared for in a way that properly addresses their needs.  Moreover, we regularly evaluate their welfare status.

We train our colleagues constantly at all levels in order to be sure we provide professional care. We regularly evaluate the welfare status of our animals.