Environment protection

An agribusiness model in close correlation with environmental protection

Environment protection

The impact on the environment is a constant concern for our group, which is reflected in the operational practices as well as in the investments made throughout the years.

We have developed a sustainable manner of conducting production, by integrating regulations, best practices and proactive initiatives in a model that has a natural and responsible interaction with the surrounding environment.


Premium Porc Group is strongly committed to complying with legal regulations and conducts multiple initiatives to protect the environment by:

Natural fertilizer

The manure produced on farms is used as natural fertilizer on the surrounding lands, improving the soil composition and assuring healthy crops. For each type of cereal, a customized plan with standard fertilization procedures is created.

As opposed to the commonly used artificial fertilizer, pig manure enriches the organic content of the soil, builds better water retention and improves the humus. Bringing a complex nutritional structure, the crops fertilized in this manner generate higher yields, improved caloric properties and have better resistance to plant diseases.

To increase the positive impact of these activities, we invest in advanced technologies and equipment.


Optimize routes

We strive to constantly optimize our transport routes, reducing also CO2 emissions.

Be it the transport of animals, feed and cereals, or agricultural works in preparing, seeding and harvesting the land, through improved organization and planning we have optimized and significantly reduced the impact of these specific agricultural works on the environment.

Moreover, through investments in new, more environmental-friendly machinery and Euro 6 trucks, the impact is reduced even more.


Resource efficiency

We closely monitor energy and water consumption, identifying the most efficient solutions to use. We focus on preventing waste and using the resources in a proper manner.

In terms of energy, due to the modern equipment used, the consumption is maintained at a very efficient levels, while assuring all needed functionality. It is an investment we make for maintaining high production standards, while producing sustainably.

In addition, we organize regular trainings for our colleagues to efficiently manage resources.

We take responsibility in our actions and promote cooperation and transparency in dealing with local authorities. We undertake any needed effort in order to reduce the impact of production activities, at all levels, and to improve our care for the environment.