Local communities

A reliable partner for our neighboring communities

Local communities

We strongly believe in giving back to local communities and growing together with them!

Besides the role of the employer of choice in the areas where we operate and our contribution to local administrative budgets, we strive to fully contribute to the development of these regions as well.

Our group is proud to be an active member of local communities, through collaborations with local authorities, as well as though partnerships with associations and NGOs.

For the young, the elder and the entire community

One of our fundamental values is the desire to constantly invest in education. We believe that education lies at the foundation of a developed community, in line with current times. We consider it our duty to support the neighboring communities. That is why we have created educational projects and have supported other initiatives of such kind in order to give children more chances for a better future. Among major investments, we include IT laboratories, classroom renovations, support for foreign language workshops, and more.

Supporting students from local schools has been a constant care of our group, not only on special occasions, but on a daily basis.

Scholarship Projects

Small deeds lead to big opportunities

Launched in 2012, the "School Scholarship Project" contest is an educational program for all secondary schools in Vrancea County. Its purpose is to support the educational environment in Vrancea and to facilitate school performance. The program has already become a symbol for the county, bringing together a large number of participants - over 1,000 pupils annually. Every year, the “School Scholarship Project” proposes an innovative theme that aims to develop the imagination and creativity of pupils, though teamwork. In the first phase of the project, teams of 7 pupils and a coordinator create the artistic or conceptual part, and, during the event, they present their project to the public and the jury.

Winners enjoy individual prizes. Each member receives a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, depending on how well the team ranked, and the school represented by the winning team is equipped with a state-of-the-art IT lab.

Through the “School Scholarship Project”, Premium Porc Group aims to support generations of high-potential students, who will later add value to their local communities.

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Children's Day

Children's Day is for all children

June 1st is the day of joy in the communities where we operate. From clown parties to face paintings workshops and prize competitions that every child wants - we - organize and fund them every year. The joy of having kids who play in games designed by representatives of our company is an internal motivation for which we want to continue and develop such activities every year.

Children's Day 2019

Children's Day 2018

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Santa Claus in communities

Every year, Premium Porc is wearing Santa Claus’s coat

The age of childhood is when we enjoy - the most out of gifts. Santa comes with a full bag every year, for the children in the communities we are present. Santa Claus is the Premium Porc Group messenger and visits all the localities that host us, sharing gifts to all children at the end of year celebrations. For us, Christmas means magic, which we share with  little ones. The warmth of the winter holidays and the excitement of Santa's arrival are among our favorite moments and experiences of this kind -brings happiness to the soul.

Santa Claus at Negreni

Santa Claus at Salcia Tudor

Santa Claus at Ciorasti

Health – because it matters!

We conduct actions that prevent disease or improve the quality of life, encouraging a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Out of care, we have organized, through the “Doctors Caravan” program, medical examinations for the residents of Negreni village, Olt County and Sibioara social group, Constanta County. Hundreds of locals received free of charge medical consultations and controls directly in their village, from the doctors participating in the caravan. They also received appointments, where needed, to hospital visits at different medical departments, depending on the results of testing. The events were also attended by representatives of the local authorities, as well as by the Ambassador of Denmark to Romania.

We promote Romanian traditions

We support the local traditions and values through organizing events that bring forward traditional customs and encourage local talents.

Ignat (Pig) Day

Traditional celebration with delicious food

The “Ignat Day” is one of the most widely celebrated customs during the winter holidays, throughout Romania. For the past several years, we have brought an additional reason for Focsani to celebrate, as hundreds of guests gather in the city’s “Union Square” ever since Premium Porc Group started organizing Ignat's day. Since 2013, the group's representatives organize the traditional event, in the Union Square, aiming to preserve the Romanian folcloric values, traditions and customs for the next generations and to enjoy this special day together, in the abundance of the community. On the sound of  Romanian folk songs, guests are invited to enjoy a traditional pork recipe, with beans and pork chops.

Negreni Village Day

From the “Ode of the pig” to the feast of the whole village

Premium Porc Group invites its neighbors from Negreni village to compose an ode for the pig, on the occasion of the village day celebration. Accompanied by live traditional music and captivated by a traditional Romanian folk dance show, people are invited to set their creativity free in writing poems in appreciation for the pig. The best poems are awarded with home appliances, provided by Premium Porc Group.

Tree by tree, we strengthen the environment

Premium Porc Group is constantly involved in the lives of communities in which it operates, with its focus on environmental protection. We operate our business in an environmentally-friendly manner and we support sustainable initiatives, including volunteer programs for our colleagues.

In the past years, we have organized and supported financially and with human resources initiatives of  planting and afforestation in the areas where we operate. We have cleaned the waste from the area of Goleşti, Vrancea County, and planted hundreds of trees. Afterwards, a similar activity was carried out in in Negreni village, Olt County. In addition to producing oxygen, these trees have gradually become a natural protective barrier, which we intend to consolidate over the years.