Feed production

Feed quality is our priority!

We have built our own feed mills

To assure high quality nutrition for our pigs, we chose to produce the feed in our own feed mills. This also allows us to set higher quality and composition standards.

We are using modern, highly efficient technology created in Denmark. We also use advanced software that allows a high degree of automation as well as rigorous control over the entire process.

To provide feed for our animals, we have built and developed our own Feed Mills, where our colleagues follow standardized group procedures. Thus, we are confident that we have a strict control over the quality of the feed produced for our pigs. At the same time, we have the guarantee that production meets the highest standards from one year to the next and that it complies with the balanced recipes made by our nutritionists.

Over the years, we have developed solid partnerships with both local suppliers and international collaborators to complement our feed needs.

Our Feed Mills

In the 3 Feed Mills we own, we have continuous production, that ensures most of the need for all our farms. We also purchase part of the feed, from international renown suppliers. All three factories are equipped with the same modern technology based on Danish know-how.

When it comes to our cereals, feed and pigs, we always choose high-quality products, constantly investing more attention on the elements integrated within Premium Porc Group.

Selling cereals?

Over the years, we have developed solid partnerships with both local suppliers as well as international collaborators to complement our production needs.

Our company acquires over 100,000 tons of raw materials annually, mainly from local suppliers in adjacent areas of our Feed Mills.

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