Natural fertilizer

Modern system for efficient and controlled application 

Responsible manure management, high yield crops

We maintain a high focus on the proper management of the manure resulted from our pig production. For this purpose, our group has made important and continuous investments in the development and implementation of modern and professional natural fertilizer handling systems.

Our company uses advanced control and monitoring systems for storing and applying natural fertilizers, in full compliance with environmental standards in the field.

As part of Premium Porc Group’s responsible approach to the environment, we focus on applying natural fertilizers from the farms to crop fields near them, thus also reducing CO2 emissions.

In the long run, this strategy helps us to manage the manure coming from the farm efficiently and to provide natural fertility to soils. Practices in this field, in all activity sequences, including the storage, transport and application of natural fertilizers, are assumed at group level as an integral part of the business model of Premium Porc Group.

Each farm has its own lagoons for storing the manure

The manure generated from the farms is sorted by a mechanical separator that divides the solid fractions from the liquid fractions. The odorless solid fraction is stored on specially designed concrete structures, and afterwards used as natural fertilizer.

The liquid fraction is stored in sealed and covered lagoons, with a capacity of up to 21 000 m3 per each lagoon. The liquid fraction is transported and applied to agricultural land as a natural fertilizer, using modern machinery.

The lagoons are produced and certified in Denmark and they are a key element in assuring proper manure management and protection of the environment.

Complete services for efficient crop fertilization

Pig manure is a universal fertilizer, natural and suitable for all types of plants and soil. Due to its complex and nourishing composition, it is easy to assimilate and contributes to the improvement of the soil’s structure, having a beneficial action on the composition of the land, its micro fauna and its water retention properties.

We use it as a fertilizer of choice, with excellent results on crop production. The remaining quantity is sold to farmers nearby our farms. We assure professional fertilizing services, on request, and develop fertilization plans perfectly suited to the specifics of land and crops, generating high yields and reduced costs for the farmers.



We can provide diversified fertilization plans adapted to any type of land or crop

Clear directions

With advanced GPS positioning systems, the machines always follow an exact trajectory with crossings only over previous works

Ground protection

Our machines have special tires to ensure low soil compaction (less than 2 kg / cm square)


We plan the application period to ensure optimal fertilization

I use natural fertilizer and I am pleased. During this time the plants have gained a better quality and the productivity increased from 4.500 kg/ ha to 6.000 kg/ ha and above. I am pleased with the prompt way of services provided by Premium Porc Group.

Enache Zanfir, SC Viitorul Gologanu SRL

I've used this natural fertilizer for 7 years now and I’m very pleased with the low costs I have. The soil became less acidic, as the pH increased from 6 to 6.5. The soil has now a higher quality and requires less mineral fertilizer. Working with Premium Porc Group represented a step forward in our business development.

Traian Dochioiu, SC Agrodoc Mais SRL

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