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We are one of the top pig producer in Romania

With extensive experience and know-how, we have implemented high Danish standards into our pig farming in Romania, bringing animals with excellent genetics, modern technologies for assuring the best conditions and the best farm management practices in the field.

We have built upon the existing national farm system, bringing the farms to a new level and providing improved conditions for our animals. We have also built new farms with the highest standards in the industry.

In regards to animal welfare, feed quality, pig production, biosecurity and manure management, we are implementing national, European as well as Danish standards, assuring sustainable farming with consideration towards the animals.

Brownfield Investment System

Due to the construction quality of thezootechnic system done before '89 in Romania, Premium Porc Group mostly applied the brownfield investment system. This implies the development and reintegration of former abandoned or unused farms. Thus, farms which were former pillars of Romania's pig production have gained a new opportunity to return to activity and contribute to the growth of the agriculture sector, to support the local communities and to be part of our group of companies. Through the impressive investments allocated in all these years, we have upheld the zootechnic sector in Romania and we have encouraged the business environment in the areas where we invested, by creating jobs, working with local partners and contributing through taxes to the local government budgets.

Upon acquisition of such farms, Premium Porc Group invests significant amounts in reconditioning and modernizing them, with the aim of considerably improving farm conditions and biosecurity standards and respecting animal welfare principles.

All of our farms are aligned with national, European and Danish standards, being integrated within a strict biosecurity system, for protecting our animals, as required by the group.

The first full scale Greenfield Investment of Premium Porc Group

The Olsuin sow farm is the first full-scale Greenfield type investment of Premium Porc Group.  It is part of an ample development project that aims to significantly increase our accommodation capacity, both through reproduction units as well as through finisher farms. The reproduction farm accommodates 5,200 sows, and it’s located in Braila county, together with the boar station. The resulting animals are later transferred to the newly acquired finisher farms, large brownfield constructions, located in Brașov and Sibiu counties.

Excellent pig Danish breeds

In pig farming, it’s vital to produce healthy animals and at top breed quality. We import some of the best and world renown certified Danish breeds, to make sure we deliver at the highest standards.

Through the ability of delivering high quality pigs and through an excellent balance in the farming process, we have positioned ourselves as one of the preferred pig farming companies in Romania. Our results place us within Europe's best 10% companies in the field.

The most modern boar station in Romania is at Premium Porc Group

At the beginning of 2019, Premium Porc Group has inaugurated its new modern boar station, with state-of-the-art technology in the field. This unit will provide most of the reproduction material needed for the group’s production.

The boar station will assure a strict control over the reproduction, essential for obtaining healthy and high quality pigs.

Currently, the unit is populated with 130 boars, with certified Duroc breed, generating an excellent meat quality.