Why choose Premium Porc Group

We grow in Romania together with our colleagues!

Growing in Romania

“Growing in Romania" – it is our motto and our way of building a sustainable business and creating a solid team. And the 450+ colleagues that form our group are the living proof that, above all, our company takes care of its employees.

We have started in Romania in 2006, and many of our colleagues have been with us ever since. Experience has shown us that the success of our company is based on people: the passion they put in their work, the professionalism they show and their positive energy that inspires everyone.

We aim at becoming the preferred employer in the local communities where we operate and we strive, each day, to offer the best conditions and a pleasant work experience.

Come and meet us!

Be part of the Premium Porc Group story, the second-largest pigs producer in Romania!


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We share our experience


We provide support and development opportunities


We communicate transparently & encourage feedback

We are among the top professionals

We are a performance-oriented company and this can be seen through the rapid and sustainable growth of our business.

Premium Porc Group is among the top pig producers in Romania, operating at the highest standards in the industry.

We help develop our colleagues, and though them we become better every day.

Being part of a team of professionals means having a drive for knowledge and the desire to permanently evolve.

We offer stability

We like long term partnerships and journeys in which we and our colleagues have the same speed. We believe that we are together on a trip, in the same boat, and we are synchronous - rowing to advance as quickly as possible and to avoid obstacles.

The experience has so far shown us that success is built in steps, with time and patience, having a clear mission, with well-established objectives.

Through long collaborations with our colleagues, we know we are heading for an even brighter future!

We appreciate and we reward

We respect the work of each and everyone of our colleagues and the efforts made to achieve performance. We believe in fairness and equal opportunities and we make sure to reward whenever possible.

Competitive salary
Snack with pastries, fruits, dairy, tea, coffee
Daily hot lunch
Private medical insurance
Ensure transport/ expense account for transport
Pork meat 3 times/year
Easter and Christmas gift vouchers
8th of March gift vouchers for the ladies
Additional holidays
Internal parties for employees
Events for our employees' children
Gifts for our employee's children
Financial support for special events
Performance bonus

Fun at work...

Fun is on the "to do" list in our company. We appreciate the quality time spent with our colleagues, we enjoy every party, celebrate our success and smile every day.

Summer party 2018

Summer party 2017

Winter party 2017


"I haven 't missed a party since I joined Premium Porc Group, in 2010. We feel very good together, we are glad to see each other and meet with colleagues from different regions and we take advantage of every minute in order to have a good time”

Cristina Palade, secretary